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Best ways of travelling to and from the airport

A common view that I find in airports all over the world is the long line of people waiting for a taxi or in front of the counters of car rentals.

Usually, those people are foreign tourists. Besides of their looks, you can tell that because the subtle feeling of distress and worries that movements or gestures express.

During my constant trips I’ve had the chance to meet many travellers and many of them have explained me why they think that the taxi is the best way of moving around in a foreign city. They think it is safer than public transportation and easier for someone who doesn’t know the city, because taxi drivers, and especially the ones serving airports, will always know every location.

But things are not always as they are supposed to be. Many taxi drivers don’t know their own city and in some places, like Mexico City, taking a taxi may imply a higher risk than public transportation.

That’s why I suggest you to look for alternative ways of transportation before your trip. Many cities all over the world have special services of buses that go to and from the airport and the most important places in the city, especially downtown. They are safe, fast and not as expensive as a taxi.

Local buses and the subway are also great choices and if you make some research in advance, you will find quickly learn how to move around. Just let your spirit of adventure awake and keep a local guide handy.

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