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We are just like ancient Rome

Rome, the very word brings back law and order; architecture, engineering and paved roads to the ends of the world and back. It is well known what happened to the country of Virgil and Caesar, yet like the phoenix bird the ghost of that long lost land has taken rest in western 21st century civilization.

Aside the outstanding physical contributions, Roman society itself had certain attributes such as love for money, success and military glory. Put all of these together and you have the Roman games or our modern day sport competitions.

Sports are a wonderful thing; they are war without death, a clash of strategy and discipline where the sharpest skill is the one who will claim victory.

Just like us, the Romans loved going to the coliseum, what would be the stadium for a 21st century crowd. Except for the fact that Roman festivities were bloodier and deadlier there are some striking similarities between our games and theirs such as:



The Roman stadiums were of an oval shape and rows of stone seats that went around the superstructure like a knife peeling an orange overlooking the arena, which was mainly filled by sand (Arena is the Latin word for sand) where people would contest other people or hideous beasts to death.

In our time stadiums are also oval superstructures with bleacher seats unfolding like a snake resting beneath a rock. Our bleacher seats, of course, are a great deal more confortable and they are sometimes skillfully painted with the colors of the home team.

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - MAY 01: Ageneral view of St. Peter's Square during John Paul II Beatification Ceremony held by Pope Benedict XVI on May 1, 2011 in Vatican City, Vatican. The ceremony marking the beatification and the last stages of the process to elevate Pope John Paul II to sainthood was led by his successor Pope Benedict XI and attended by tens of thousands of pilgrims alongside heads of state and dignitaries. (Photo by Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images)


The Roman crowd liked to watch a good show and what it came with it such as banners and costumes of all kinds. Another great asset that the Romans loved was the food at the stadiums, for all of them were given good bread and strong wine to enjoy the chaos.

Modern audiences also enjoy a great heart-stopping game wearing the jersey of their favorite team enjoying a big hamburger or hotdog on one hand and a large beer on the other.


Super Stars

In Roman times good Gladiators became tremendously famous to the extent of buying little figures of such or such fighter. Some gladiators became so famous that they returned to the arena after earning their freedom.

Great football players or any famous sportsperson is a super star in the 21st century and become a roll model for society.

Next time that you see or hear from ancient Rome do acknowledge, dear reader, how similar you are to them.

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