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The end of the E.U.

For the last couple of years I have been living in Russia and quite recently I took a trip through some of Europe’s major cites with a friend of mine who works in the industrial real estate business in Brussels and does very well for herself.

It is quite interesting to see how in a couple of years, it is possible to forget the actual ways of one’s country, when adaptation to another place is a requirement both for welfare and survival.

I moved to Moscow eight years ago from Washington D.C to work in an American company dedicated to the affairs of real estate that operates in all of Russia, but focuses mainly in major cities such as Moscow or Saint Petersburg, where the business is quite different from the rest of the nation.

Since I have come here to Europe I see a continent that is much different than the one I remember in a great number of negative ways.

Since the very beginning I have felt that the ideals of the Europe Union were wrong and abusive culturally speaking, given to the fact that the true objective of the E.U was and has always been to destroy the individual culture of European countries, therefore stripping them from their identity.

The European Union’s so called values have been the chief destructors of Europe, for they have earnestly destroyed the roots and traditions of every country of that confederacy, intending to create one big nation destined for destruction.

Throughout my years in Russia I have seen many Europeans come to visit and simply by listening to a couple of words from their ideology and glancing at their empty eyes I could tell, and in fact I told a lot of people, that Europe was destined to burn by a fire built by their own hands.

The leaders of the European Union spread amongst their folk a fever of multiculturalism that spread throughout the member countries like fire spreads through a dry cornfield, speaking harshly against anybody who would not agree with the given policy.

In addition to a fanatical multicultural tendency, the European Union’s leaders have skillfully made working robots out of their citizens, making them forget about any other branch of life, including reproduction, a concept that slowly but surely has become a negative social trend.

This is nothing new, for countries of continental Europe have proved to be much short sighted throughout history, particularly in that of the last century, when they were overrun twice by an enemy who grew stronger than them under their own noses except only for the British who were always, and still are, many steps ahead of the Europeans who have never known how to handle themselves properly.

It is only by looking into the past that we can understand the present and predict the future for humanity has a pattern of behavior that has never and will ever change.

Because of their lack of foresight Europe is now doomed and as usual they begin to wake up when it is simply too late.

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